2015 Pennsylvania Fireworks Displays

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Please remember that I make as much effort as I can to ensure that the information contained on this site is accurate, but it is a hobby site, and I don’t always get official notification of these events (and sometimes they change several times!) You’ll want to make sure you call the phone number or visit the website and confirm before making any concrete plans.

If you find incorrect information here, please hit the contact form and I’ll be happy to fix it.

Your Community Needs Your Help!

If your area isn’t holding a display this year, check for a neighboring community. And if it’s at all possible, please donate, or volunteer to help out. Every year I find a few more communities who discontinue their fireworks displays because of the cost / mess / logistics involved in holding them. Don’t let the community fireworks displays go the way of the drive in movie theatre!

I Need Your Help!

Over the years this has become something of a massive project (specially with seven sites total) and I need help getting the latest information on upcoming fireworks displays! If you know of one in your area, or if you’re responsible for putting one on, or you have better details on one than I have, I am begging, pleading, asking you to use the submit form, or drop me a line – via my contact form, on the Facebook page or on Twitter. I am determined to make this biggest and most comprehensive list of fireworks displays anywhere, but… Pennsylvania is a ginormous state, and I’m sure I don’t have as many displays as I know there are, so I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance!

Note to communities, convention and visitors bureaus and anyone else who puts on a fireworks show or posts events: people are already searching for your events! Please let me know if you’re updating for this year, or if you update your website. You’d be amazed how many people start planning their summer vacations in January!